Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Parent Involvement

The National Education Association (NEA) reported in 2009 that high parent involvement results in higher student achievement than students receiving low parent involvement. 

Stay involved in your child’s education. 
  • Play games when you are at home. 
  • Go on a letter or word hunt
  • Read stories together
  • Count items in your house
  • When you and your child are driving in the car, have your child tell you the letters, numbers or words he or she sees. 
  • In the car you can play addition games.  Give you child a math story.  For example, “I bought 3 red apples at the store and then I bought one more.  How many apples did I buy?”  Your child can use fingers to figure it out. 
  • Include your child in cooking dinner and use math to help
  • At sporting events, go on a number hunt.  Ask your child, "What numbers do you see on the players' jerseys?" or "What is the score of the game?"
  • Use money to count and skip count.  Children love money because they can see how it directly relates to real life experiences!
Stay involved!!

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